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KAL - A World Leader In ATM Software

Are you searching for more information about ATM software? If so, you come to the right place!

AT&T software is something that every ATM owner has to know more about because there's going to come a time for every owner when they have to update the software on their ATM and the question is which software company should they work with?

KAL has been a leader in the ATM software industry for over 30 years. They specialize in creating software that enables banks to take control of their ATM networks while reducing costs, improving competitiveness, and increasing team efficiency of their ATMs. 

Multifaceted AM Software Company

Besides specializing in bank ATMs, KAL also provides software for self-service kiosks as well, giving them an advantage over companies that only specialize in one specific type of cash dispensing machine.

Since launching their company in 1989, KAL has become one of the most respected software providers in the industry. They've earned the respect of their peers and have developed extensive connections with solutions providers, customers, and hardware vendors in the ATM industry.

Founded by Dr. Korala, one of the top minds in the ATM industry, KAL now has offices around the world and this enables them to serve clients in any time zone or market worldwide. 

Their success has enabled them to establish a portfolio of top companies around the world including T-Mobile, US Military EagleCash Project, and CitiBank.

World Class Multi-Vendor ATM Software

Over the years, ATMs have become an integral part of our daily lives, especially since the pandemic, and this makes having up-to-date software on an ATM more important than ever before.

Thankfully, with KAL software, and their wide variety of software suites, banks and ATM operators worldwide can have confidence that their ATMs are going to have the most up-to-date software running at all times on their ATMs.

To learn more about KAL software, visit their website today at

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