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Hyosung America Hires Brad Nolan, A 25-Year Industry Veteran As Their New CMO

Hyosung America, the North American subsidiary of South Korea-based Hyosung, recently announced the hiring of Brad Nolan as their Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer.

Mr. Nolan recently worked with Allpoint Solutions at Cardtronics, as their Executive Vice President, where he led teams to design new technology that enabled financial institutions and brands to provide the best financial access, either online, or instore, to their customers.

The company reiterated its commitment to hiring Brad Nolan by recently stating that they are excited to welcome him to their team because his extensive industry experience will continue to aid the company’s growth in the United States.

Commitment To Innovation

Hiring Brad Nolan is one example of why Hyosung America continues to be one of the fastest-growing ATM companies in the USA. The company knows that the ATM industry must continue innovating in the 2020s or risk losing customers, especially as more people explore other payment options and currencies.

Brad Nolan is expected to lead product marketing efforts within the company as well as heading partnership efforts with retail customers and financial institutions.

Besides his time working with Allpoint Solutions at Cardtronics, Mr. Nolan has also worked with JP Morgan Chase & Co, where he specialized in-branch systems and innovation.

Preparing For The Next Generation Of Customer Experience

The company’s decision to hire Brad Nolan is one reason why Hyosung continues to be a leader in the ATM industry worldwide.

With Hyosung, Noland is going to help the company forge a path ahead into the 2020s, where he will be a leader in developing the next generation of customer experiences for their channel partners, financial institutions, and retail businesses.

Over the years that he’s worked within the ATM and financial industry, Nolan has also been a co-designer on multiple patents for self-service kiosks and he holds a dual bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting from Miami University.

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