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Cryptera NFC Reader – A Fast And Secure Contactless Payment Solution

In 2020, we’ve seen a global increase in the use of contactless payment technology thanks to Coronavirus. 

More consumers than ever before want contactless options when they are paying for items at stores, or withdrawing money from the ATM, and the NFC reader by Cryptera is a reliable option for any business to offer their customers contactless payment technology without a lot of hassle.

About The Cryptera NFC Reader

The Cryptera NFC reader is a modular payment solution that can be for ATMs as well as the unattended retail market worldwide.

Since 1985, Cryptera has been developing state of the art payment solutions for companies around the world.

Their NFC reader is a fantastic device that can easily be used in any environment. This device is also compliant with mobile payment and international card regulations plus it’s beneficial to business owners since it also offers low maintenance costs and short queues as well.

Easy To Install And Use

Convenient and well designed, the NFC reader can be installed so that it will work in any environment, especially in the ATM or unattended segment.

Another important thing to mention is that this reader also meets all worldwide protocols including IK08 and IP65 plus since it has USB connectivity from the back, it can be installed just about anywhere including protruding, flush, or internal.

Business owners can also have their logo on the front of the NFC reader so that they can provide their customers with confidence in the quality of the device that they are using.

The demand for contactless payment technology is online going to grow in 2020 and the years to come. To learn more about the NFC reader by Cryptera, visit their website today at

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