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Coinme And Coinstar Makes Buying Bitcoin From ATM’s Easy

Anyone who has visited their local Walmart or grocery store will be familiar with Coinstar, the well-known machine that they can use to dispose of spare change or coins that they will receive a voucher for which can then be redeemed for cash in the store.

Coinstar has partnered with Coinme so that consumers can now buy Bitcoins from a Coinstar machine and start their journey into the world of digital currency.

How Does It Work?

The good news about the partnership with Coinstar and Coinme is that buying bitcoins from these machines follows the same principles as exchanging coin at a traditional Coinstar machine.

To get started, all a consumer has to do is visit the Coinme website to search for a Coinme location that’s close to them. Once they visit the machine, they will be asked to enter their phone number, Bitcoin amount that they wish to purchase, and then their method of payment.

After entering their payment method, a consumer will be given a voucher. The next step is to go back to the Coinme website, where they can redeem their Bitcoin and deposit it into their digital wallet.

Coinme Offers A Bitcoin Advisor

What’s also great about Coinme is that consumers who use this service to purchase digital currency can also have access to a dedicated Bitcoin “advisor” who will help them with making informed decisions regarding the digital currency that they should invest in.

The fact that consumers can chat with a Coinme advisor also lowers another barrier to entry when it comes to getting started with digital currency since anyone who uses this service can have confidence that all of their questions will be answered by a professional before they invest.

Are These Machines Safe? Yes, these machines are safe and offer an easy way for consumers to get started with investing in Bitcoin.

3,500 Locations Nationwide And Growing

With over 3,500 locations nationwide, the Coinme at Coinstar Bitcoin Kiosk makes purchasing Bitcoin easy for anyone who has been wanting to get started with investing in digital currency but has been hesitant about doing it over the internet.

In business since 1991, Coinstar is one of the most trusted brands in the world. With most of their locations being in stores nationwide, these machines lower the barrier to entry for consumers and make investing in digital currency easier than they could imagine.

The use of digital currency is only expected to become more commonplace in the years to come as more consumers diversify their holdings and want to have Bitcoin and other digital currencies as part of their investment portfolios.

Recent stock market volatility, and economic correction, has made digital currency more appealing for consumers than ever before. Thanks to the Coinme at Coinstar Bitcoin Kiosk, consumers have an easy way to get started with digital currency for the first time or purchase new Bitcoin for their digital wallets.

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