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Can Digital ATM Signage Enhance Customer Experience?

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

In 2020, digital signage is something that just about everyone is accustomed to seeing on a regular basis because many companies around the world are switching to digital signage since it enhances the customer experience. Sadly though, ATMs are often the last screens to incorporate the use of digital signage because the ATM business owner only looks at their machine as being a platform that users can come to conduct their financial transactions. The reality with digital signage is that it can also significantly improve the customer experience at the ATM while offering the business owner the opportunity to not only increase their business connections in the local community but also the revenue that they learn from their ATM as well How To Build Trust And Improve Interaction With Digital Signage The first way to grow your business with the use of digital signage is to incorporate more information about the business where the ATM is placed. For example, if an ATM is placed in a coffee shop, restaurant, or bar, the digital signage can incorporate facts about the business, popular items on the menu and even wait times for customers who may be visiting the business at various times of the day. Let’s say that the ATM is placed in the lobby of a hotel, the digital signage can essentially act as a digital “concierge” in the lobby by providing the ATM user with answers to key questions regarding the hotel. Doing this will also free up staff time and enable them to be available to provide their guests with more specialized services instead of having to answer common questions that can be conveniently answered on the ATM's digital signage. Besides being a valuable asset to the business where the ATM is placed, digital signage can also leverage existing business relationships in the community. For example, an ATM business owner can sell advertising on their machine to a local business. Think about it, if you are an existing ATM business owner, you could sell advertising space on your ATM screen to a local coffee shop or a fast-food restaurant. There's really no better form of advertising because, if a consumer is pulling $20 from the ATM, and they're hungry, there's a great chance that they are going to visit a fast-food restaurant who has a digital ad on the ATM rather than getting into their vehicle and searching for the next available fast food restaurant in the community. Improve Community Interaction Besides using an ATM screen as digital signage for selling advertising space to local businesses, another constructive way to use an ATM screen is for the purpose of improving Community interaction. For example, let’s say that the community where your ATM is placed is primarily a Hispanic community. You could highlight key members of that community on your ATM screen and even include messages in Spanish to consumers. Most people who use ATMs want to have a sense of trust with the machine that they're using. They don't like the fact that there are interacting with a faceless corporation so incorporating digital signage is a key way to build trust in the community while growing your business.

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