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Beanworks And Nvoicepay – The Latest Digital Payments Platform

When we finally reach the end of 2020, one thing that this year is going to be remembered for is being the year that more mainstream businesses embraced the mobile workforce as there are more employees working from home than ever before.

It’s not just regular employees that are working from home, many corporations are also allowing their AP departments to work from home as well. This means that sending and receiving checks can’t be done like it was before, since paper checks can be cumbersome and sometimes misused if they are processed remotely.

What’s the solution to the problem? Corporations of all sizes have to implement digital solutions for processing and sending payments, this can be done thanks to the technology from Beanworks and Nvoicepay.

About The Beanworks And Nvoicepay Platform

Both Beanworks and Nvoicepay have been offering state of the art digital payment solutions to their customers for years.

Beanworks offers accounts payable automation that enables their customers to approve invoices and pay vendors remotely while Nvoicepay eliminates the risk of payment fraud within AP teams. This partnership is a “win-win” for the payment industry and that’s especially beneficial in 2020.

The Right End-To-End Payment Flow Process

Thankfully, with this partnership, companies can continue allowing their AP teams to work from home because they can have confidence that they can have more control over the process of sending and receiving payments while also knowing that any work that their AP employees are doing will also be visible and traceable at the same time.

Even though most states are reopening, we will likely continue to see a demand for software that will enable companies to efficiently process invoices and payments from home since some companies like Twitter have allowed their employees to work remotely permanently.

The good news is that with the Beanworks and Nvoicepay partnership, any company can have confidence in their payment process because this partnership ensures a reliable end-to-end payment flow process. 

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