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ATM Demographics 2020 – The Demographics Of ATM Users

Updated: May 31, 2020

ATMs are an important piece of technology that most people use frequently, like mobile phones, but the big question is, who is using them in 2020? In this article, we will provide you with ATM demographics so that you can have a better understanding of who today’s ATM users are and what the future might hold for the industry.

What Are Today’s ATM Users?

In 2020, most people use automatic teller machines because they’ve been a part of life since the late 1960s, and everyone is used to getting cash from an ATM and with solar power technology, ATM’s can be placed anywhere, even in remote or rural areas and be used regardless of the time of day.

Thanks to recent data from, we know that in the United States, the average consumer uses an ATM at least four times per month to get cash while using an ATM at least twice a month to deposit cash or checks.

ATM’s Are Most Popular With 18-24 Year Old’s

The use of automatic teller machines is higher among people who are in the 18-24 age group since they are reported to use ATMs up to six times a month, where they withdraw an average of $40 or more per transaction. 

What’s surprising is that men are more likely to use ATMs each month than women, at a rate of 4 times a month, compared to women who use ATM’s at a rate of 3.8 times a month.

ATM Use Declines With Older Consumers

ATM use is reported to drop among older consumers as people 55 years old, and older. They use ATM’s at least twice a month. This is to be expected since much older American’s still want to conduct their banking transactions with an actual teller instead of taking care of their banking business on an ATM.

Besides using ATM’s to get cash, other consumers who utilize ATM’s frequently will use them for checking their bank account balances, paying bills, purchasing stamps or other products that their ATM’s might be selling.

No Decline In Use Expected For Today’s ATM’s

As with mobile phones, and other forms of technology that we depend on, ATM’s continue to be an essential part of our lives.  

If you’re thinking about investing in an automatic teller machine, choosing the right location will be critical to the success of that ATM.

Recent statistics show that ATMs are prevalent in high traffic locations like convenience stores, movie theaters, and retail establishments where convenient access to fast cash is a necessity. 

Owners who place ATMs in high traffic locations can expect their automatic teller machines to be used about 300 times per month.

In 24 hours, locations, ATMs have better statistics since they can be used anytime during the day or night. 

For example, ATMs placed in 24-hour convenience stores are found to have roughly 3,000 transactions per month.

Yes, ATMs continue thriving during the age of Coronavirus, and they will continue to be a piece of technology that we will continue using in the years to come. 

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