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At Advanced Kiosks, we do more than simply sell a kiosk. Our business is built on the philosophy of helping users solve problems using self service kiosk technology. Your success is our success and we stand behind our products and customers from the beginning of the process throughout the lifetime of your interactive kiosks.Get the tools you need to enhance your business, whether it is self service hardware
or software, you have come to the right place! Visit

Phone: (866) 783-3791



Abuzz Kiosks – Kiosks design, kiosk manufacturer, kiosk installation. A provider of complete Kiosk solutions, Worldwide! Abuzz Technologies’ current range of stylish and robust kiosks has been designed with versatility in mind. The current range of kiosks can be tailored to include additional features such as barcode scanners, finger print recognition, video cameras and telephone handsets. Based in Sydney, Australia.


Phone: 1800 225 216
Local: +61 2 823 5100
Fax: +61 2 9699 2661